The GPC Filter Process is a specially constructed sand filter added to wastewater treatment systems up to 100,000 gallons per day to further treat water.

The GPC Filter Process is unique in that a dissolved carbon is added to already treated wastewater and then dosed to the specially constructed sand filter.

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Innovative RUCK Systems, Inc. (IRUCKS) designs alternative innovative on-site septic systems called RUCK® systems. The RUCK® wastewater treatment system is a proven cost-effective innovative septic system that uses a proprietary design to obtain significant removal of nitrogen from wastewater.

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We offer our services to those in need of help with their failed or failing septic systems by bringing those systems back to life and into Title 5 compliance, without having to install a new septic system.  We do this with the use of SoilAirTM Systems technology, and we save our clients thousands.

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