GPC Clients

Our Customers

• Owners of wastewater treatment systems

• Operators of wastewater treatment systems

• Engineering firms that design or operate wastewater  treatment systems

• Real estate development firms

• Contractors and Builders

• Private and Public stakeholders


What We Do For Our Customers

• Become a consultant to the engineering firm designing the treatment process.

• Design GPC Filter Processes to be added to wastewater treatment systems.

• Deliver a robust dependable treatment step in the form of the GPC Filter Process added to wastewater treatment systems.

• Design a system that will minimize the discharge of treated effluent out of compliance with permit limitations.

• Provide solutions for reducing the discharge of almost all organic Contaminants of Emerging Concern.


• Describe the performance and environmental impact of the GPC Filter Process.

• Provide plans and specifications, plus a construction cost estimate, for a proposed GPC Filter Process.

• Furnish the proprietary parts needed to construct the GPC Filter Process.

• Train contractors and engineers on how to construct the GPC Filter Process.

• Observe the construction of the GPC Filter Process.

• Train operators on how to use the GPC Filter Process.

• Sell GPC carbon to operate the GPC Filter Process.